During the evacuation drive.
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Kolkata: The Indian Coast Guard unit based at Haldia today evacuated a man from Peru from a merchant vessel off the Sagar Island in South 24-Parganas after he fell ill mid-sea.

Huayllaccahua Godoy Victor, in his 50’s, was on board merchant vessel AS Valentia when he was afflicted by severe abdominal pain and high fever. The crew of the merchant ship sent out an SOS to the Coast Guard around noon on 16 May when the ship was some 43 nautical miles south of Sagar Island.

According to the defence ministry spokesperson in Kolkata, the Coast Guard authorities at once mobilised the Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Amogh to evacuate the Peruvian. Amogh reached the spot around 10 pm on 16 May but could not evacuate the person due to rough sea and strong winds.

Amogh held position all night and finally managed to evacuate the Peruvian around 6 am Thursday (17 May) after the sea calmed down and the winds subsided. He was at once taken to Haldia in a fast interceptor boat and subsequently to a local nursing home.

According to a report that last came in, the condition of the Peruvian is stable but he is not out of danger.