Pemba Sherpa in a file photo and the spot (encircled) where he probably fell into a crevasse.
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Kolkata: Even after the lapse of over 36 hours, there is no trace of noted Darjeeling mountaineer Pemba Sherpa (36), who had slipped into a crevasse on Saser Kangri in Jammu & Kashmir on Friday (13 July).

Pemba, along with a climber from Bengal and a climber from Pune, was returning to the base camp on 13 July afternoon after scaling Saser Kangri IV peak when the mishap took place.

Following a request from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, a team of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) today joined in the search and rescue operation for Pemba along with cops from Nubra police station and other Sherpas. The ITBP team was on an expedition to the nearby Plateau peak.

Pemba is feared to have fallen into the crevasse somewhere between C2 and C1. Using ropes and other apparatus the search team went deep into the crevasse this afternoon but it is so deep and dark that they couldn’t see anything of the missing Sherpa. Till the report last came in at 5 pm, the team is yet to get lucky.

Missing Pemba Sherpa has the credit of having scaled the Mt Everest seven times besides several other difficult peaks like the Mt Kanchenjunga. He is associated with the Darjeeling Mountaineering Association.