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Featured Image: A file photo of Burdwan Junction railway station from where the arrested ones were allegedly planning to flee from Bengal. 

By A Newsman

Asansol, 04 September: FIVE days since a high intensity blast at a house in Gafulia village in Katwa in Burdwan district had killed one person and left two injured, the police on Friday arrested five persons for alleged involvement in the incident.

The five persons, who police claim were part of the illegal bomb making unit that was being run in the bi-storeyed house, were picked up in the wee hours on Friday from Burdwan town.

Police say they were planning to flee from Bengal by boarding a train from Burdwan Junction railway station. The cops however, are yet to trace the owner of the blast house, Julu Rehman and his family members.

Rehman went into hiding with his family, three sons, three daughter-in-laws and a grandson ever since the blast blew off the terrace of his two-storey house on 29 August night. A large quantity of raw materials for explosives and nine live bombs were found in the house.

The blast had refreshed the memory of October 2014 blast at Khagragarh in the same Burdwan district that subsequently led to the exposure of a Bangladesh-based terror module being active in West Bengal.