Baisakhi Banerjee.
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Kolkata: Baisakhi Banerjee, a “close friend” of Kolkata Mayor and Trinamool minister Sovan Chatterjee, has stepped down as a specialised committee member of the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority.

Banerjee is the one, a relationship with whom is said to have pushed the marriage and political life of Chatterjee in turbulence. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently took away the environment department from Chatterjee and only left with the fire services department, a move believed to be a warning for him to undertake firefighting is his personal life.

Banerjee is a teacher of political science and the teacher-in-charge of Milli Al-Ameen College for Girls at Beniapukur in the city. She was inducted in two specialised committees of the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority as an expert when Chatterjee was the minister for environment.

“The previous minister had included me in the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority since he had faith in my capabilities. The new minister (Subhendu Adhikari) will hopefully set up a new team with people close to him and hence, I decided to step down,” she said.

Banerjee added that had not she resigned and announced this, she would have been removed unceremoniously and humiliated in public. “But if the new environment minister finds me fit and wants to reinstate, I have no qualms in returning to the East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority,” she said.