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By A Newsman

Midnapore, 01 December: AFTER a taxi driver in Punjab was perplexed on discovering that Rs 9,806 crore has been deposited to in his Jan Dhan account, now as much as Rs 50-lakh has been deposited in the salary account of a state government employee in Bengal.

Ranjit Das is a contractual staff with the Bengal government owned Kolaghat Thermal Power Station in East Midnapore district and lives with family at Santipur locality in Kolaghat.

Being the first day of the month, to withdraw his salary, 55-year-old Das went to the State Bank of India branch at Kolaghat this morning where he has a savings account. But the bank declined him a withdrawal stating that his account had been frozen as Rs 50-lakh was deposited to it in November.

A perplexed Das updated his passbook at once only to find out that the money had been deposited to his account in two installments. Rs 10-lakh was deposited on 02 November and Rs 39.99 lakh was deposited on 24 November.

When Das asked the bank authorities as to who deposited the money to his account, he was told that the matter was under investigation. Until the investigation ends, he would not be able to draw a single penny.

Das, whose monthly emoluments are below Rs 25,000, subsequently lodged an FIR at Kolaghat police station over this. “I do not have the slightest clue as to how such a huge sum of money came to my account and the bank is not disclosing anything. With the account being frozen now, I don’t know how to meet the daily expenses of my family.