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Featured Image: File photo of an Air India Dreamliner at Kolkata airport. 

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 22 September: AN Air India Delhi-Hong Kong-Osaka Dreamliner flight made an emergency landing at Kolkata airport in the wee hours on Tuesday following a technical snag.

The regional executive director at Kolkata airport S Bhaduri, said that the pilot of flight AI-314 sought permission for emergency landing saying that smoke was emitting from the aircraft’s engine. Some of the passengers also said that they got a barbeque smell while the flight was in the sky.

But an Air India spokesperson termed it some “suspected technical issues” for which the pilot opted for the emergency landing following all safety procedures.

There were 216 passengers on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft when it made the emergency landing in Kolkata around 2.08 am on Tuesday. It had originated from Delhi at 11.30 pm on Monday with its first destination being Hong Kong and then Osaka in Japan.

A section of the 216 stranded passengers demonstrated at the Kolkata airport’s arrival lounge after daybreak, alleging that Air India “did not offer them even water” and they were “being made to spend time sitting in the lounge.”

Following the demonstration, Air India flew back some of the passengers to Delhi for onward alternative connections; others were provided hotel accommodation in Kolkata.

“The Engineering team is working on the technical issues and the flight is expected to take off early this evening,” the Air India spokesperson said. “The tentative time for the flight’s retake is 5.30 pm. We are also bringing in another aircraft from Delhi to ferry the stranded passenger,” he said.

All flights from north India are required to use the Kolkata Flight Information Region (flying route) to go to Hong Kong and Singapore. Such flights however, do not stopover at Kolkata airport and rather they flyover the city sky.