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Featured Image: A file photo of Alipuduar Junction railway station. 

By A Newsman

Siliguri, 07 September: IN a significant move that is expected to improve the upkeep of trains, the Alipurduar rail division in north Bengal has introduced a web-based integrated coach maintenance management system at the Alipurduar Junction railway station and at the office of the divisional railway manager there.

This makes the train coaching depot at Alipurduar the 28th such facility in Indian Railways to implement the web based management system developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems. It runs on a centralised web server located in New Delhi.

According of Northeast Frontier Railway spokesperson, Pranav Jyoti Sharma, Alipurduar division has an associated coaching depot with a capacity to handle around 200 passenger train coaches. Several important trains such as the Inter-city Express, Rajya Rani Express, Sikkim Mahananda Express and the Millennium Parcel trains are maintained at the facility.

The process includes maintenance of all sub systems of a train such as brakes, suspension, wheel sets and inter-coach connections etc. Besides the train lighting and air-conditioning are also maintained here.

“Monitoring all these coaches and their maintenance process is an important task. Under the newly introduced system, computer terminals are available at various spots on the platform as well as at the maintenance depot. Train controllers and officers can now easily access all relevant maintenance data from their office rooms and control rooms,” Mr Sharma said.

The system captures relevant data of both mechanical and electrical maintenance activities at the very point where trains are maintained or where defective coaches are attended to.

It also electronically transfers the brake power certificate, a must before a train can roll out on commercial operations, directly from the maintenance lines to a concerned platform where a train is stationed for a scheduled run. Train drivers and guards will get a printed brake power certificate from the platform office of a train examiner, thus saving both time and energy.

Senior railway officials said that the new system will be of immense help in ensuring better monitoring and performance of train lighting, fans, washroom fittings and water facility that matters to the passengers most.