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Featured Image: The jam-packed road at Park Street on Christmas evening.

Kolkata: The weather, which is neither chilling nor humid, has made Kolkatan’s burst into celebrating X-mas with all roads in the city leading to the Park Street!

The entire 1.4 km stretch from Asiatic Society to South Park Street Cemetery is milling with such a huge crowd that police have been compelled to suspend movement of all types of vehicle on the road.

Entire Park Street is now under occupancy of the revellers ~ children, youths, and the middle-aged people ~ many of them putting on the Santa Clause cap and swanky jackets.

Allen Park on Park Street, where X-mas is being celebrated with music and food by the state tourism department, is the prime crowd puller. The second highest crowd puller, perhaps, is the St Paul’s Cathedral near Rabindra Sadan, which is close by Park Street.

Going by the mood of the milling crowd, the celebrations are all set to continue well past the midnight. This is because the favourable weather ~ the maximum temperature being recorded 26.4 degree Celsius and the minimum being 14.3 degree Celsius ~ is giving the wintry feeling minus the bone-biting cold.

Metro Railway is operating additional trains for 20 minutes beyond its regular schedule for the benefit of the revellers. [READ: Good news revelers! Metro to run for additional hrs on Christmas, New Year eve]

Unlike Kolkata, the districts are already shivering in cold. The maximum and minimum temperatures at Krishnanagar in Nadia today were 25.4 and 11.2 degree Celsius, a drop by two notches than normal.

The minimum temperature at Santiniketan was 11.2 degree Celsius, down two degrees than normal, but the maximum temperature was one notch up at 26.3 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature at Bankura and Digha was 11.8 degree Celsius and 13.1 degree Celsius, respectively, down one notch in both the places.

Alipore Weather Observation Centre in Kolkata has forecast that the temperature is likely to drop a little more in the state over the next 48-hours. This is because northerly wind is foraying into the state.