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Kolkata: Relatives of patients suspected suffering from cancer running helter-skelter for proper diagnosis and the course of treatment is nothing unheard of.

In fact, much precious time is lost in securing appointments of specialist doctors, in diagnosis, and in deciding the treatment regimen.

To address this, the famed Apollo Hospitals Group has today launched an initiative wherein a cancer suspect or their relatives can avail of an online cancer opinion service from oncologists attached to Apollo’s treatment facilities.

Through this service, patients from anywhere in the world can log in to www.apollocanceropinion.com round the clock, upload medical reports, and get their cases reviewed by the oncologists spread across Apollo’s network of 71 hospitals, and seven comprehensive cancer centers in Asia.

In West Bengal, the Group has a super-specialty hospital in Kolkata’s EM Bypass.

“The opinion service will provide detailed treatment plans to patients so that they can be better prepared and informed on the treatment modality, length of hospitalisation, and the overall prognosis. A patient will be able to find out whether a surgery is needed in his/her case, or chemotherapy therapy is an option,” says Preetha Reddy, executive vice chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group.

The online service will eliminate the hassles of travelling to a hospital and waiting in queues.  Patients can secure an online appointment to receive the treatment at the nearest Apollo Hospital.