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Kolkata: A day after Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chatterjee publicly recognised her as a “friend” and demanded her reinstatement in Trinamool’s college teachers’ body, the teacher-in-charge of Milli Al-Ameen College for Girls, Baisakhi Banerjee, today said that she will stand by Chatterjee until her death. [READ: Kolkata Mayor vows to stand by “friend” Baisakhi, wants her reinstatement]

“I am proud that he has given me public recognition as his friend. He is inseparable to my outlook on life. I will continue to be friends to Sovan Chatterjee till the last breath of my life,” Banerjee told newspersons today.

Emphasising that her friendship for the Mayor is eternal, Banerjee added: I have learned humanitarianism, value, and ethics from Sovan Chatterjee. I have learned to become humble and indebted to people. He has inspired me to try to do something for the people.”

Declining that she was the reason behind Chatterjee seeking a divorce from wife Ratna Chatterjee, the former state general secretary of Trinamool affiliated West Bengal College & University Professors’ Association (WBCUPA) claimed that the reason was Ms Chatterjee’s “greed.”

“I have seen the divorce petition wherein the Mayor has mentioned about excessive spending habits and greed of Ratna Chatterjee. He has also mentioned of her mental torture. Where do I come in between this?” Banerjee countered.

She said that she was seen in shopping malls with the Mayor because he needed essentials for him and not to buy anything for her.

“The day Sovan Chatterjee left his home he didn’t have clothes but for the ones he was putting on; he was exhausted and hungry. I stood by him as a friend…This man has never shopped a thing in his life. Hence, I had to accompany him to buy essentials after he separated from his wife and moved into a flat (at Golpark),” Banerjee explained.

The reciprocation came on a day when opposition Left and ruling Trinamool councillors nearly came to blows at the budget session of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) over a comment on the Mayor.

Taking part in the budget discussion, RSP ward 99 councillor Debasish Mukherjee said that how could the Mayor dispense his responsibilities when by his own admission he is passing through the worst phase of his life.

“A nor’wester (English for Baisakhi) has turned Mayor’s life upside down in this spring. This being the case, how can he look after the city?” Mukherjee commented, making several Trinamool councillors jump up from their seat and rush to towards the opposition bench.

Chairperson Mala Roy saved the day by impugning Mukherjee’s remarks. All this while, Mayor was seated in silence in the house.