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Featured Image: Representational photo of a policeman inspecting a suspicious trolley bag. 

Newsmen Bureau

Kolkata, 29 August: THE waters of Hooghly river near Kolkata on Saturday became the revelation ground for a bone-chilling double murder case that is sure to remain a talk of the town for some time to come!

A 53-year old bank manager was caught red handed after he disposed of in Hooghly waters four travel bags that contained pieces of the dead bodies of a minor girl, and her mother with whom he shared an illicit relationship.

The incident took place at Seoraphuli, a small town in Hooghly district, located barely 20 km off Kolkata city.

Samaresh Sarkar, who has now been arrested, is a resident of Titagarh in North 24-Pargans district. He is employed as a manager at the Mamra Bazar branch of Central Bank of India in Durgapur in Burdwan.

Around 9.30 on Saturday morning, while travelling by a motor-boat from Seoraphuli Ghat to Barrackpore, Sarkar threw away his four travel bags ~ two trolley bags, one duffle bag and a hand bag ~ into the river water.

When co-passengers asked him the reason behind such a weird act, Sarkar told that he worked for a bank and that the bags contained some papers no longer useful and hence he decided to dispose them. The fellow-travels and the crew of the boat were not convinced and they detained him at the Ghat anticipating that he must be a bag lifter.

Subsequently, a boatman fished out from the river one of the trolley bags disposed of by Sarkar and on opening it, everyone present was taken aback to find multiple pieces of a woman’s body. They instantly called up the Seoraphuli town police outpost and handed over Sarkar to the cops.

During the interrogation at Seoraphuli town outpost, the bank manager confessed that the four travel bags that he had disposed of contained corpses of a six-year old girl Rupanjana and her 35-year old mother Sucheta Chakraborty.

Sarkar, married with two teenage children, told police that he was into an extra-marital relationship with Sucheta. She had separated from her husband about five years ago and used to stay with her minor daughter at an apartment at Bidhannagar Housing in Durgapur left behind by her deceased parents.

Learning this, the police soon launched a search operation in Hooghly waters with the help of local boatmen and expert divers to look for the remaining three bags. They succeeded to recover the second trolley bag and the duffle bag containing pieces of the corpses. The hand bag is yet to be recovered.

Sarkar, who the police say appears to be in sound mind, is claiming that following a fight with him on Friday, Sucheta killed her daughter and then committed suicide. To suppress the incident, he cut their dead bodies into pieces, stuffed them into the four travel bags and took a train to Liluah in Howrah, where he reached early on Saturday.

He then hired a vehicle reaching Seoraphuli Ghat and boarded a motor-boat from there for Barrackpore. He made two boat trips on the same route, looking for an opportune moment to dispose of the bags. He accomplished the job in the second trip.

Investigators from the Seoraphuli police post and the CID, doubt that Sakar was telling the whole truth. To join the pieces of the bone-chilling crime together, the investigators are taking him to Durgapur later tonight.

Sarkar’s colleagues at the Central Bank of India Mamra Bazar branch said that he left the bank around 12 noon on Friday saying that he was feeling unwell. Neighbours where he used to put up in a rented apartment in Durgapur town and at Bidhannagar Housing where Sucheta stayed, said that their rooms have been under lock and key since Friday afternoon.