Dilip Ghosh (left) and poet Srijato in file photographs.
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Kolkata: Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh, known for severe verbal criticisms of intellectuals, has done it again!

Ghosh today said that poets like Srijato Bandyopadhyay, whose event was recently vandalised by pro-RSS people at Silchar in Assam, are nothing more than para (petty) poets surviving on doles from Bengal’s ruling party.

Ghosh maintained that freedom of speech does not mean one can say whatever comes to mind. He refrained using any strong words against the pro-RSS vandals of Silchar and rather, referred them only as “witless”.

The Bengal BJP president was sharing his response with newspersons on the vandalism by Congress workers in parts of Bengal against the screening of The Accidental Prime Minister and, the vandalism at poet Srijato’s event in Silchar and the consequent outcry over this.

“Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever comes to mind. Intellectuals tend to cry when they face the ire. Here, in Kolkata, we have seen how Taslima Nasrin was ousted. She is a world-famous writer whereas, these people are at best para poets ~ one writes the other claps,” Ghosh said.

He questioned the “silence” of the Bengal intellectuals when vehicles were burned on Kolkata streets a few years ago demanding the ouster of Nasrin for her writings.

“They are now protesting (over the Silchar incident) as because they are donning the attire of a special colour and surviving on doles. Unfortunate that so-called revolution by Bengalis from all over India is taking shelter at Kalighat (the residence of Mamata Banerjee,” the state BJP president quipped.

Ghosh observed that as regards the movie The Accidental Prime Minister, Mamata Banerjee is more scared than Congress.

“Probably she fears this will increase the popularity of Modi. You will speak of the freedom of art, writers, and cinema but when something is not in your favour you will oppose, this is not done. Such double standards are due to political consideration,” he said.

The state BJP president concluded that he doesn’t support suppression of freedom of speech of anyone. “I will admit that those who have vandalised Srijato-babu’s event are witless people.”