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Diamond Harbour: A man has allegedly murdered his baby son because despite him and his wife being of dark complexion, the son was born extremely fair.

The incident has taken place at MN Sarkar Road at Budge Budge in South 24-Parganas today. Police have detained then accused father.

Sheikh Firoze and Firoza Bibi have been married for a while. Recently, a baby boy was born to them. But with the baby being extremely fair, ever since his birth, Firoze had been quarrelling with his wife accusing her of mothering someone else’s son.

Firoze reasoned that while he and Firoza both were of dark complexion, how come their baby born so fair. He had a fight with his wife over this yesterday afternoon as well.

Today morning, the baby boy was found dead in the cot by his mother. As the news spread, neighbours gathered in front of the house and started demonstration accusing Firoze of having strangled the baby. This is because the immediate neighbours had been witness to brawls between Firoze and his wife over the issue in the past few days.

On learning about the incident, a team from Budge Budge police station went and sent the baby’s dead body for post-mortem. Police have detained the accused father and said that the next course of action will be decided based on the findings of the post-mortem.

Barring his wife, other members of Firoze’s family members, however, have claimed that the baby suffocated to death as his mother had wrapped him in a blanket to beat the chill.