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Cooch Behar: State forest minister Binay Krishna Barman has suffered minor injuries after his car dashed onto a lorry.

The accident took place around noon today near Panchanan Bridge at Mathabhanga in Cooch Behar.

Barman was on his way to attend a programme at Mathabhanga College, when a lorry that was moving ahead, suddenly applied the brake. As a result, the minister’s car ended up dashing on to the rear of the lorry.

Since the car was moving at a slow speed, no major damage or injury was caused. However, the minister, who was travelling in the front seat, suffered a mild twist in his left leg and, the SUV’s frontal part was slightly damaged.

On learning about the accident, a team from Mathabhnga police station rushed in, confiscated the lorry and detained the driver. The minister went to the Mathabhanga College event in another car.