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Kolkata: The state finance department has directed all other departments of the state government to return the funds that are likely to remain unspent at the end of the current fiscal year.

Issuing a memo, the departments have been asked to surrender the unspent funds from allocations that were made available to them in the 2018-19 state Budget.

The move comes after the chief secretary in November reviewed the implementation of schemes and programmes by the departments.

During the discussion, I was found out that while a few departments may be in need of additional funds, most of the departments are unlikely to spend their budgetary allocations by 31 March.

Thus, the finance department has now asked all the departments to make a quick assessment of their unspent funds, including those lying with directorates under them and the districts.

The departments shall have to recall the funds from the directorates and the districts to their headquarters and, then communicate to the finance department the exact amount of funds that they want to surrender. This has to be done by 31 January.

The finance department will then withdraw the funds and re-allocate the same to the departments that may be in need of additional funds to carry out their activities.

This is the second year that the finance department has taken such a step. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, it had recalled from various departments an unspent fund to the tune of Rs 2,000-crore.