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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 04 August: GOOD news for contractual female employees of Bengal government planning to have babies!

The state government has increased the duration of maternity leave for contractual female employees by 45 days. Earlier they used to get 135 days leave for up to two children: now they will be eligible for a leave of 180 days, state finance department has stated in a notification.

This comes into retrospective effect from 01 July 2017. This brings the contractual female employees of Bengal government on per with their colleagues recruited on regular employment.

The move by West Bengal government will cover the near 9.5 lakh state government employees (including government-undertakings, teachers, and non-teaching staff), around 40 per cent of whom are females.

Following the development, all female employees of Bengal government ~ be it on regular or contractual employment ~ will be entitled to maternity leave of 180 days for up to two children.

They will also be eligible for child-care leave of 730 days during their entire period of employment, irrespective of the number of children. Child care leave can be taken in instalments.