Principal William Saren in grabs from the video shot by students.
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Cooch Behar: The video of a Bengal-government run industrial training institute’s (ITI) principal drinking alcohol in his office chamber during the class-hours has gone viral on the social media.

The video was shot today by a section of the students of the ITI at Tufanganj in Cooch Behar and then passed on to journalists.

According to the students, principal William Saren consumes alcohol openly in his office chamber without caring for the ambiance of the educational institute. They cautioned him on this in the past but to no avail.

This made some of the students to get into the principal’s room today while he was drinking. At that time, there were two empty bottles of Royal Stag whiskey and another with some whiskey still left in it on his table along with a plate with leftover fish fries. There were a bunch of lottery tickets on the table as well.

As they students confronted the principal asking why he drinks so much and that too in the institute, he brazenly said that alcohol was part of his daily food.

“I start drinking when I wake up in the morning and stop before going to bed. This could be alcohol to you all; to me, it is nothing but a purified mix of fruit juices,” the principal is heard saying in the video.

It is evident from the video that Saren is so inebriated that he cared little that the students were openly recording his statements on mobile phones and this could jeopardise his job.

Asked by the students about his addition to lottery, the principal said: “I buy the lottery tickets to change my luck.”

The students have demanded action against the principal for running the atmosphere of the ITI with his addiction to alcohol and lottery.