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Kolkata: AT the directive of Calcutta High Court, a beleaguered man today got a medical test report of his young wife that establishes she was impregnated by someone else before marriage.

The report, ironically, relieves the man and his family members as they have been facing a case of domestic torture that his newlywed had filed soon after her premarital pregnancy came to light.

Agni Roy (name changed), a bank employee based at Farakka in Murshidabad district married Jhimli Santra (name changed) of Nalhati in Birbhum district on 3 February last year. It was an arranged marriage.

Jhimli started vomiting in the car while coming to her in-laws’ place on the next day of marriage. She again fell ill on the night of 5 February, which was the day of Boubhat (reception) at Agni’s house.

The two back-to-back incidents triggered a suspicion in Agni’s mind. At the advice of a doctor at Farakka well known to him, he took newlywed wife to a local diagnostic centre for a pregnancy test the next day. She was tested positive for pregnancy that was a few weeks old.

The discovery left Agni and his family shell-shocked. He called up his wife’s family and reported the matter. Instead of admitting that their daughter had got pregnant before marriage, they threatened him with dire consequence if he raised such questions.

As the telephonic conversation was on, his newlywed wife Jhimli grabbed the pregnancy report and all the gold jewellery that she was gifted in the marriage and went to her parents’ house in Birbhum that day itself. Subsequently, she filed a lawsuit in court accusing her husband and in-laws of subjecting her to domestic violence.

To defend that the allegation was baseless, husband Agni rushed to the diagnostic centre and sought a copy of the pregnancy report of his wife. But they turned down the request because by then his wife Jhimli had warned them over the phone of legal action if they gave a copy. So much so that the diagnostic centre even refused to admit that they had conducted any such test.

This made Agni approach the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission against the diagnostic centre. With the Commission delaying a hearing, he next moved the Calcutta High Court demanding that he be given a copy of the report.

“Justice Debangshu Basak took up the matter yesterday. I pleaded that under the West Bengal Clinical Establishment Act a patient or his/her family members are legally entitled to get medical test reports from a hospital or diagnostic centre. Since my client is still legally the husband of the concerned lady, he has every right to get the report. This made the honourable judge rule in our favour,” said Agni’s lawyer Asish Kumar Choudhury.

Agni was today finally handed over a copy of the pregnancy report in the High Court by the lawyer of the diagnostic centre. It reads: “Tested positive for pregnancy.”