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Diamond Harbour: IN the charged political environment when people are taking lives of fellow citizens in the name of cow protection, a man in South 24-Parganas district has died in trying to save his cattle from a fire.

The incident has taken place at Diagambarpur under Dholahat police station jurisdiction last night. The deceased has been identified Netai Shit (65). His two cows ~ Hari and Sumati ~ have got charred to death, while son and daughter-in-law have suffered burns.

Netai’s son Subal Shit said that last night his wife was cooking dinner on an LPG stove. During this, the cylinder somehow started leaking and caught fire. Even before they could run to a safe distance, the cylinder went off causing a massive fire.

The entire house, their grocery shop adjacent it to, and the byre entangled by the raging fire. Netai, Subal, and his wife managed to come out of the house while having suffered some burns. But on coming out, Netai thought of his cows ~ Hari and Sumati ~ who had got trapped in the burning byre.

Ignoring the objection of his son, Netai went in to rescue the two cows. But neither he nor the two animals could come out. They got charred to death. Two fire-tenders that came after about 30 minutes settled the burning ashes and took out Netai’s charred body.

His son Subal and daughter-in-law are admitted to a local hospital with burns but they are out of danger.