Biren Kumar Basak (3-rd left) with others during the measurement of the sari.
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Kalyani: True that Didi’s Bengal is lagging behind Modi’s Gujarat when it comes to industrialisation. But as regards creativity and innovation, Bengal can give Gujarat a run for money any time!

Believe you not? Come to Phulia in Nadia district of Bengal where a man has weaved a 3.726-km long sari with an eye on making an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest sari in the world.

Phulia, 92-km from the state capital Kolkata, is famous for the finest quality saris weaved in the handlooms here and Biren Kumar Basak (73) is one of the celebrated weavers of Phulia. In 2016, Basak was awarded the Sant Kabir Award for his contribution to the handloom sector.

Basak has now weaved the 3.726-km long and 1.23-metre wide sari and is set to break the existing world record for the longest sari of 3.05-km that now rests with a weaver at Bharuch district in Gujarat.

An aerial view of the sari.

According to Basak, he and his team started weaving the sari in September last year and completed the task on 1 June. On 9 June, he invited government officers to measure the sari and got the entire process documented and video recorded.

The documents, video, and witness reports have since been sent to the Guinness World Records authorities for a formal recognition.

“Keeping in mind our Tricolour national flag, I have woven the sari in three colours ~ cream, orange, and green. It took the government measurement officer the help of 20 people and six hours to measure the sari,” Basak says.

Going by the standard sari that woman in India wears, the one weaved by Basak can drape as many as 677 women.