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Howrah: Can cruelty have a limit? Perhaps not! A lady private tutor in Bengal has assaulted a toddler with a hot spatula simply because he failed to memorise a lesson.

The injured boy, with blisters all over his tiny arms and legs, had to be taken to hospital for treatment. The burns are not life-threatening, but the doctor said that he shall have to skip his routine to allow the blisters to dry up.

The shocking incident has happened at Belur in Howrah, barely 10-km from the heart of the state capital Kolkata. What is more shocking is that the family of the five-year-old boy initially tried to hush up the matter!

But the cruelty came to light only after the little boy went to school today and teachers of his school noticed the blisters on his body. They quizzed the boy and then summoned his parents for an explanation. It was then that the entire story came to light.

The assaulted toddler lives with his parents in a building at 85/1 Girish Ghosh Road at Belur. The child, who studies in the Upper Kindergarten at a nearby private English school, used to take private tuition from a woman who lives next door.

Yesterday afternoon too, he went to take the house of his private tutor Chandra Kumari to take lessons. A little later, his mother heard the boy scream and rushed in there to find that Kumari was assaulting the boy with a spatula.

When she confronted the private tutor, she explained that the boy off late was not concentrating on studies and hence, she gave him some punishment. The mother did not realise that it was a hot spatula with his he was being beaten and rather came back home thinking that the tutor was trying to ensure a “secure a bright future” for her son.

With the school teachers flagging the issue today, the family, at last, realised the extent of cruelty that the little boy has undergone and lodged an FIR against the private tutor at Belur police station.

Police have arrested the accused under Indian Penal Code section 326 that pertains to voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means that carries a punishment of up to 10 years in jail.