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Hooghly: A budding swimmer from Bengal, who had won gold in diving in the South Asian Aquatic Championships 2016 held in Colombo, has been found dead today.

Moupriya Mitra (15) was found hanging at her residence at Manaspur at Bandel in Hooghly district around noon today. Her mother is the one who discovered her hanging in a ground floor of their bi-storied house.

According to her father Bhaskar Mitra, after the thunderstorm took a break around noon today, Moupriya told her mother that she was going to a neighbourhood store to buy something.

Moupriya climbed down from the first floor to the ground floor of the bi-storied house but did not go out. Instead, got into a ground floor room and hanged herself with a scarf from the ceiling fan.

With Moupriya not returning after a long time, her mother climbed down to the ground floor so to go out to look for her. It was then that she found Moupriya hanging.

Hearing her screams, her husband and neighbours came rushing and took the dead body to a nearby hospital. Doctors declared her brought dead.

Neighbours have said that Moupriya was into an affair with a neighbourhood boy and strains in the relationship could be behind the suicide of the promising swimmer. The bereaved parents haven’t made any comment on the reason behgind her suicide.