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Barasat: A class IV student of a school at Barrackpore in North 24-Parganas has suffered injuries in the mouth after his class teacher assaulted him for replying a query in Bengali.

The incident has taken place at the private St Augustine Day School at Barrackpore today. The injured student has been identified as Mainak Bhattacharya, a resident of Belghoria.

According to his father Partha Bhattacharya, after Mainak returned home today afternoon, the family found the area near his upper lip swelled and blood was oozing out from the wound.

On being asked, the child told that his class teacher, who is a woman, had asked him a question in English. He was answering this in Bengali that she stopped him and asked to reply in English. But unable to paraphrase the answer in English, Mainak again started replying in Bengali.

This left the class teacher angry and she hit Mainak in the face with a scale. As bleeding started, the teacher made him wash the same and asked him not to tell about the incident to his parents.

On learning this, his father called up the school principal and sought to know why was his son punished like this. The school initially denied something of this sort had happened but then assured enquire into the matter.

Mainak’s father then took him to Sagar Dutta Medical College, which is close to their home, and got a medical examination done. By then, the school principal arrived there to enquire about the child’s health. The boy’s father subsequently lodged an FIR against the class teacher.