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Midnapore: A young woman has been arrested by the police of East Midnapore district for killing her father-in-law in neighbouring West Midnapore and then dumping the dead body with the help of her husband.

Police said that the woman has claimed, she killed her father-in-law in self-defence after he tried to rape her when his son (her husband) was not home.

Her husband, who happens to be the murdered man’s son and works for a private firm, has also been arrested for trying to destroy the evidence. The murder took place in mid-January this year, while the arrests were made last night.

The duo has been identified as Shubha Maity and Barsha Maity. The victim’s name was Nikhil Maity, a prosperous farmer by profession. They lived at Ratrapur under Pingla police station area in West Midnapore district.

On 18 January, Subha lodged a missing diary at Pingla police station saying that his father was missing for the past two days.

The very next day, cops at neighbouring Panskura police station in East Midnapore found the severed hands and legs of an adult man from a bush in Aror village, which is close to the house of Barsha’s parents.

Panskura police brought this to the notice of Pingla police a few days later. Suspecting that it might be of missing Nikhil Maity, Pingla police, in turn, asked Subha to go to Tamluk morgue and verify whether the limbs are of his father.

But on one pretext or the other, Subha evaded the verification process. Finally, at the pressure of police, he sent wife Barsha for the verification. She identified the fingers to be of her father-in-law’s although there was hardly anything identifiable in the decomposed limbs.

Barsha came back but Panskura police alerted their counterpart at Pingla about the peculiar way in which she identified the limbs. Following this, Pingla police quizzed Barsha several times over the past two months.

Barsha finally broke down yesterday (19 March) and told police that her father-in-law had pounced on her in the kitchen on 16 January evening. In self-defence, she picked up a vegetable cutter and struck him with it. Nikhil died on the spot.

Once her husband Subha returned home that night, Barsha narrated him the incident. The two then chopped the body into smaller pieces and poured into a sack. Subha then set out on his motorcycle with Barsha in the pillion and with the sack on her lap.

They drove near to Barsha’s parental village in Panskura and threw the severed hands and legs in a bush. Next, they drove for another few kilometres towards Debra and threw the sack containing the head and other body parts into a Jharkhand bound lorry that was parked on the highway.

This confession made Pingla police to alert Panskura police and the latter arrested Barsha and Subha last night. They were produced in Tamluk district court today and the judge remanded them to nine days police custody.