A poster from the couple's debut movie that was a super-duper hit.
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Kolkata: The script of life and that of a movie is surely very different!

Actress Priyanka Sarkar (27), who had married co-actor Rahul Banerjee (34) after their super-duper hit Bengali debut movie Chirodini Tumi Je Amar, has moved the court seeking a divorce.

This comes 10 years since the movie released and eight years since the two got married. The couple has a son named Sohoj, who is now six years old.

Priyanka and Rahul started staying separately since late 2016 over Rahul allegedly not paying for family expenses and even the school admission fee of their son. Despite this, they had so far refrained from approaching for divorce to give the reel-to-real marriage a second chance.

“Since he is not showing any signs of remorse and not even willing to shed a penny for our son, I have moved a contested divorce petition in the Alipore court. The hearing is likely to start in July,” Priyanka said today.

A contested divorce suit is filed when either of a married couple fails to agree on a mutual separation. It takes longer for the court to finalise the divorce and during this, none among the couple can remarry.