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Kolkata: Those in the habit of travelling by Metro trains with a short-journey ticket or without ticket better become careful!

Metro Railway has collected a fine of Rs 3.62-lakh just in two months, i.e. April and May this year, by conducting surprise checks.

Carrying out the surprise checks in different Metro stations that run from north to south Kolkata, the authorities found as many as 1,391 people travelling either on lower-priced tickets than required for their destination or boarding the trains without a ticket altogether.

Metro authorities said that people do so mostly by chipping in between other passengers when they are entering or exiting the fare gates. There is also a tendency among parents to take children for a free ride although the rule mandates buying tickets for those aged above three years.

In April-May last year, Metro authorities had nabbed as many as 1,946 people with a short-journey ticket or without a ticket and had collected a fine of Rs 5.05-lakh.