A poster of Bhobishyoter Bhoot and (right) Soumitra Chatterjee in a file photo.
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Kolkata: The producers of Bhobishyoter Bhoot (Ghosts of the Future) have decided to move court against pulling down of the Bengali film from theatres across Bengal under the instruction of the police.

This comes a day after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused to answer as to why police asked theatre owners not to screen the film on the very next day it was released to packed houses on 15 February.

Anik Dutta, the director of Bhobishyoter Bhoot, announced the news about moving court at a protest meet in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in central Kolkata today attended by several leading faces of Bengali film industry.

“Many thought that nobody will raise a voice but we are getting overwhelming support. This will be fought both in court and at the fields,” Dutta said.

Ace actors Soumitra Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Dhritiman Chatterjee as well as new generation actors like Badsha Moitra and Saheb Bhattacharya participated in the protest meeting.

Chatterjee, who had written an open protest letter on 17 February, today once again voiced his protest in no uncertain terms.

“It is unprecedented that a film has been pulled down unceremoniously from the theatres on the next of release by citing instruction from higher authorities. This is arbitrary. I think this is a vindictive gesture.”

“This is a very shocking and deplorable crime and if we, the film fraternity, do not protest this, we will become more vulnerable in the future. This is a fascistic step that should not be allowed and all creative people must protest,” Chatterjee, whom the Mamata Banerjee government had bestowed with a lifetime achievement award last November, said at the protest meeting.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty, more popular as Feluda, said that if police had any apprehension, they could have found out the content of the film from Central Board of Film Certification which has cleared the film.

“But demanding a private screening, police tried to indicate to the producers that they are under surveillance. Police are trying to intimidate.”

“It is really astonishing that such a large government and police administration are getting scared by a film,” Chakraborty, who has acted in the film, said.

New-age actor Saheb Bhattacharya pointed out that despite such an unprecedented attack on Bengali cinema, some leading newspapers in Kolkata have simply blacked out the news.

Dutta, the director of Bhobishyoter Bhoot had in November questioned as to why Nandan, the venue of 24th Kolkata Film Festival, was flooded by CM Mamata Banerjee’s photographs instead of film directors and actors.

The pulling down of his film from theatres is being viewed as a price of the open dissent.