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By A Newsman

Bolpur, 01 September: A couple and their pet dog have been found dead in their house at a village in Birbhum’s Nalhati.

Police say that while the man was found hanging in his byre located on the premises of the house at Nalhati’s Jungul village, his wife was found dead on her bed. Their pet was lying dead on the backyard next to the byre.

The deceased have been identified as Ramprasad Mal, 55, and China Mal, 45. Ramprasad was a farmer, but also used to perform kirtan (devotional song) with his wife during religious festivals.

Their daughter Sunita got married to a man from the same Jungul village a few years ago. With the son-in-law not having a house of his own, the Mal couple built a separate room on the premises of their house and made Sunita live there with her husband.

Sunita has told police that on getting up this morning, her husband first saw her father hanging in the byre and shouted out in horror. Subsequently, they entered their parents’ house and found mother China lying dead on the bed.

Following the discovery, they alerted neighbours and then called up Nalhati police station. Cops came and sent all the three dead bodied for post-mortem.

Sunita claims that her parents often used to fight suspecting each other for extramarital affairs, but things used to get sorted out. “Last night also we heard a heated argument from my parents’ house, but it ended soon. I suspect that my father must have strangulated my mother to death around that time and then hanged himself in the byre,” she said.

Sunit, however, could not explain as to who and why killed the pet dog. Police are not ruling out a foul play in the case with possible involvement of Sunita and her husband.