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Kolkata: The much-hyped meeting of BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha with veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee today more or less ended on an embarrassing note with Chatterjee telling him that demonetisation had inconvenienced people him so much.

Demonetisation is one of the steps that none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi took himself and his government still boasts about its cleansing effect on black money.

“One thing I will tell. This demonetisation had inconvenienced people like me so much,” the ace actor told Sinha when the latter asked him to make an appraisal of the four-years of Modi government.

The BJP leader went to Chatterjee’s residence at Golf Green in south Kolkata around 11.30 am today as part of BJP’s Jansampark Abhiyan (public outreach) wherein party leaders are visiting the residence of 1-lakh intellectuals and creative personalities across India to get their views and suggestions for the Modi government.

During the meeting that lasted for barely five minutes, Sinha handed over Chatterjee a few booklets on the achievements of the Modi government. He also sought advice from the actor but Chatterjee declined saying that he hardly gets time.

Sinha stepped out of the actor’s house at 11.38 am, with a barrage of reporters waiting to hear what exactly transpired. Putting up a brave face, Sinha said that “barring demonetisation, the actor has no complaints against the Modi government.” As he said so, he probably forgot that the Prime Minister himself had announced demonetisation in November 2016.

Asked for his comments later, Chatterjee expressed his displeasure at the attention that the meeting was drawing. “Hundreds of people come to meet me every day. He also came. What is there to highlight this so much?” the veteran actor said.

Chatterjee is considered Left-leaning although he received an honour from Mamata Banerjee last year after avoiding the same for nearly four years.