Mamata Banerjee speaking at the Delhi rally on Wednesday.
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Kolkata: Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has indicated that BJP tried to get into an understanding with her on the condition that she will not speak out against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Banerjee was speaking at a rally of opposition parties in New Delhi organised by the Aam Admi Party.

“There are two Gabbar Singhs in the country these days ~ Modi and Amit Shah. They keep on threatening everyone. I tolerated this for too long. One of his ministers called me up and said don’t say anything against Modi,” she maintained without disclosing the name.

The Bengal CM then clarified that she rejected the patch-up formula because Modi was carrying on with a verbal attack on her.

“You can say anything but I shall have to keep mum! This will not do.”

The disclosure comes amidst an intensified investigation by the CBI in chit-fund scams wherein several Trinamool leaders are accused and the continuing murky verbal dual between her and the Prime Minister.

The Trinamool supremo alleged that Modi-govt is snooping into the phones of political leaders, IAS and IPS officers using a technology “imported from Israel.”

Even WhatsApp messages and calls are under surveillance, she said.

Banerjee thundered that despite all these, she is not someone to get scared by and dared the Centre to send CBI to her residence.

“They may send CBI to my house tomorrow for my comments in this meeting. I say, tell me the time and I will cook meals for them. Be it veg, non-veg, or roti whatever you wish! I have fought a lot; I am not someone who will get scared and bow down,” she said.

The Bengal CM asked opposition party leaders and workers not to get scared by the strong-arm tactics of the BJP. Those who get scared cannot win, she maintained.

“Today was the last day of the current Parliament. Now only 20 days are left for hoodwinking by Modi government. After this, it will under the Election Commission, he can’t do whatever he wants.”

Urging the opposition parties to ensure one to one contest in every state by backing the strongest party against the BJP, the Trinamool chief announced that while her party will fight the CPI-M and Congress in Bengal, she will ally with them at the national level for interest of the country.