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By A Newsman

Midnapore, 26 August: BENGAL’s sea resort Digha shook up today noon following a huge blast-like sound, but the police- administration are yet to locate the source of it.

According to Indrajit Basu, the additional superintendent of police of Kanthi in East Midnapore district, the huge sound was heard around 11.30 am and this has led to some hotels in Old Digha area develop cracks.

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The sound was heard by people in as far as Tajpur, which is about 19 km from Digha. The blast made tourists and local people at Old and New Digha rush out to the open in panic as the earth began to shake heavily.

“We have carried out search all over Digha and neighbouring areas for the source of the sound, but have not been able to spot anything. This makes us suspect that the blast took place somewhere in the sea. We have alerted the India Coast Guard to try find out the source of the blast,” Basu said.

Preliminary observations both by people and coastal security experts indicate that it could be a blast in a ship away from the Digha coast. But the Coast Guard or the civil administration are not in a position to ascertain anything at this stage.