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Featured Image: Villagers showing the blue ice slab. 

By A Newsman

Barasat, 13 October: A 42-year-old homemaker narrowly escaped injury after a slab of blue ice came crushing from the sky like a bolt font the blue and fell on the front yard of her house located near Sandalia railway station at Sasan in North 24-Parganas.

The sky at Sasan and in other parts of North 24-Parganas has been very bright since morning and Sakina Bibi was sweeping the front yard around 08.30 am. Suddenly, a near one feet long slab of blue ice, weighing around five kg, came crushing from the sky and fell in front her at a high velocity.

For a moment Sakina got scared by the suddenness of the incident and rushed into her house. She came out a little later to find that it was a thick slab of deep blue colour ice that had fallen on her front yard creating a crater where it fell.

She soon alerted her family members and neighbours about this. In no time, hundreds of people thronged the house to catch a glimpse of the blue ice. A few neighbours even collected samples of the blue ice and stored it in their refrigerator so that it could be shown to experts.

Later a team from Bigyan Mancha from Sasan came and examined the blue ice. They said that it was most probable a biowaste mixture of human waste and liquid disinfectant that somehow got leaked from some aeroplane flying above.

Because of leaking from a high altitude the human waste from aeroplane freezes and it assumed blue colour as the disinfectant used in aircraft washroom is of blue colour. In a similar incident, a woman was injured after a slab of blue had fallen on her at a village in Uttar Pradesh.