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Featured Image: A file photo of the Raiganj College that now serves as the Raiganj University campus. 

By a Newsman

Raiganj, 03 September: VIOLENCE has returned to the educational campus in Bengal. This time at the Raiganj University in North Dinajpur where members of the students council and the ruling party’s students wing Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) clashed on Thursday.

The students council is under the dominance of the Chhatra Parishad, the student wing of the Congress.

Bombs were hurled and blank gun shots were fired inside in the varsity campus coinciding with the admission to under graduate courses for which several new students and their parents had queued up.

The incident caused panic, with several of them ran out of the campus for cover; so did the students attending classes. In the melee some students were injured and they were later admitted to the Raiganj district hospital.

As the violence erupted, police posted outside the campus lost some precious time to act for want of a permission from the vice-chancellor to enter the campus. Finally the police went in but several students and teachers alleged that instead of protecting them, the cops escorted out the hooligans belonging to the TMCP with great care.

Debasis Biswas, one of the teachers present said that he had handed over to the police a used bullet shell and pointed out to them the group which had fired the shot. “But instead of arresting them, police escorted out the hooligans,” he said.

TMCP has for some time been trying to establish its might in the Raiganj University campus whose students council is dominated by Congress’ Chhatra Parishad that came to power through an election.