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Featured Image: Representational photo of a liver transplant surgery.

By A Newsman

Kolkata, 04 September: JAVED Ali, a two-year old boy who had undergone a liver transplant at SSKM hospital on the day of all-India bandh on Wednesday, passed away at the hospital on Friday morning.

Despite all efforts, they failed to save the child, doctors at Bengal’s biggest government run super-specialty hospital said.

Javed, a resident of Behrampore in Murshidabad, was provided with a part of his father’s liver in a marathon surgery that had lasted for about 17 hours on 2 September. It was the first liver transplant surgery at SSKM Hospital after a gap of three years since the last one performed in 2011.

But following the surgery on Wednesday, the child did not regain consciousness. This had alarmed the doctors who had carried out the critical procedure.

Once a liver is successfully transplanted from a donor to the recipient’s body, it needs to adapt to the new body and begin functioning. But in case of Javed, the liver did not became functional and the boy passed away around 7 Friday morning.

In 2011, Animesh Bagchi, a 9-year old child from Murshidabad had successfully undergone a similar liver transplant at SSKM.

With the passing away of Javed, questions are being raised whether it was a correct decision to transplant his liver at SSKM, which did not perform such a critical surgery in the past three years and is not fully equipped to handle such a rare procedure.