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OPINION: Nobody’s Agenda     

Condition of National Highways in Assam's Barak Valley is a shame on India, writes Bappaditya Paul.

OPINION: Train to 2016

Instead of being ashamed for the inordinate delay in completing the project, Congress and BJP are fighting to take credit for the Silchar-Lumding Broad Gauge conversion, writes Joydeep Biswas.

OPINION: Hunger Valley

As owners deny wages and rations, an undeclared famine has gripped the tea workers in northern Bengal.

OPINION: Honouring a Refusal

As award-wapsi debate rages India, Joydeep Biswas recalls why journalist Nikhil Chakravarty had refused Padma Bhusan

OPINION: Axe on the House

Joydeep Biswas recasts the pains of Sylhet Referendum and blames the Muslims of Sylhet for a historical blunder that changed the fate of the region forever.

OPINION: Uma and Office: Twin delays one Aim  

Bengal government employees are now at par as regards extended no-work culture of educational institutes, writes Biplob LohoChoudhury.

OPINION: Sailing to Sustainability

Biplob LohoChoudhury explains why Bengal should overhaul its agriculture policy so to achieve the sustainable development goals.

OPINION: Death of an Identity   

In an ever growing communal politics, neither the killer nor the killed has given the right to decide their identity, writes Joydeep Biswas.

OPINION: Attack on journalists is a good sign

Freedom can only be secured when its antithesis, fear, is overcome, argues Biplob LohoChoudhury.

OPINION: Governor’s activism

Dhruba Basu, former-Press secretary to West Bengal Governor examines the face-off between Governor Tripathi & Mamata Banerjee.

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