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Featured Image: Chandannagore Municipal Corporation with Mayor Ram Chakraborty in circled inset photo. 

Kolkata: THE Mayor of Chandannagore, Ram Chakraborty, is admitted to a nursing home in Kolkata in critical condition after being injured in a road accident in Odisha. The driver of his car, Debarta Mukherjee, has died.

Mayor Chakraborty, a Trinamool leader, was going to Puri by car on Sunday for holidaying. Another 11 members of his family, including his younger brother Lakshman and his wife, were also on the trip but were in a separate car.

Sources said that Chakraborty’s car developed a snag at Jaleswar in Odisha around noon on Sunday. The driver stopped the car by the highway and started a repair. This made the second car stop immediately behind the Mayor’s car.

As the repair was on, a fish-carrying lorry that was speeding towards Bhubaneswar first hit the family car from behind and then hit the Mayor’s car. This left almost all those in the cars, including the Chandannagore Mayor grievously injured. The driver of his car died on the spot.

Residents of the area rescued the injured and took them to a rural hospital at Jaleswar. They were later shifted to the district hospital at Balasore.

Late yesterday night, Mayor Chakraborty was brought to Kolkata at Bengal government’s intervention and was admitted to a super-specialty nursing home here. He has suffered critical injuries in the head and legs.

Incidentally, a section in Hooghly district Trinamool had alleged that the Chandannagore Mayor was part of a conspiracy that led to the assassination of Trinamool’s Bhadreswar Municipality chairman Manoj Upadhyay in the night of 21 November. Both Chakraborty and the Trinamool Hooghly district president Tapan Dasgupta had declined the charge. [READ: Trinamool-run Bhadreswar Municipality chairman shot dead, one held]