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Siliguri: As many as 25 people attached to a businessman family in Siliguri are suspected to have been infected by chikungunya. Blood sample for two of them has been tested positive.

This has happened at Siliguri’s SF Road that comes in Ward 26. Those infected include members of the businessman family, the staff of a lodge run by them, domestic help, and some casual workers engaged for construction work.

Kaushik Roy, the head of the family that lives in Anandaloke Lodge Complex on SF Road in Siliguri said that it was a child of the family who first developed temperature and rash in the body last Monday.

“With two days, now as many as 25 people, attached to our family one way or the other, have been afflicted with symptoms like fever, rash, and body pain. The doctors we consulted initially said that it was a viral fever will go away within a few days. With so many of us down with the illness, today we got blood samples tested at the advice of a doctor friend. This is how it has now been confirmed as chikungunya,” Roy said.

Pralay Acharaya, the chief medical officer of health in Siliguri, said that the district health department is not aware of news about chikungunya outbreak. “We shall enquire into this,” he said.

Chikungunya is caused by bites of two specific types of mosquitoes that mainly sting during day hours. It is not a life-threatening disease and the fatality rate is barely 0.1 per cent.

The infection manifests itself between two-12 days after the bite and usually gets healed in a week time. Adequate rest and intake of water help in recuperation.