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Cooch Behar: A child has lost his palm and three teenagers have suffered injuries in their body after they lifted an abandoned crude bomb mistaking it for a ball.

The incident has taken place at Gosanimari village at Dinhata in Cooch Behar district today.

The four Rezwanur Rehman (10), Arman Hussain (14), Mehboob Khatun and Tina Khatun both aged around 13 years, were playing football in a field near their house. In the course of this, their football rolled into a nearby paddy field and the four went to fetch it back.

On entering the paddy field, they noticed a round object and Rezwanur lifted it thinking that it is a ball while the rest three were standing next to him. The round object, which was actually a crude bomb, went off as soon the boy took it in his hand.

The palm of Rezwanur’s left hand was blown up by the blast. The three others suffered splinter injuries.

On hearing their cries, their family members and villages rushed to the spot. They rescued the children and took them to Dinhata Sub-divisional Hospital. The four are now admitted there.

All of them are out of danger but Rezwanur is unlikely to get back his left palm in its normal shape, doctors have said.

Most rural areas in Cooch Behar district, especially those in Dinhata sub-division, have virtually become minefields due to crude bombs kept hidden or strewn all over following political factionalism within the ruling Trinamool.