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Kolkata: Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata today re-launched its refurbished electrophysiology treatment facility that deals with cardiac arrhythmia.

Arrhythmia refers to deviation from the normal sequence of electrical impulses and in case of the heart the beats can become too fast, too slow, or beat in an abnormal pattern. This leads to palpitations, skipped beats, and giddiness due to decreased blood supply to the brain.

“Treating cardiac arrhythmia is important to restore the quality of your life and prevent stroke or sudden death,” Aftab Khan, senior consultant interventional cardiologist and head of Apollo’s electrophysiology services, said at the re-launch.

Khan said that the availability of latest model of 3D RFA machine at their facility has come as boost to identify short-circuit in a heart with high precision, making it easier to treat a patient afflicted by critical arrhythmia.

People in the age group of 40-80 are vulnerable to arrhythmia. “This could be due to lifestyle, other body parameters, and even due to genetic reasons. If a person encounters palpitations at regular intervals or feels giddy often, then consulting an electrophysiologist will mitigate fatality in the future,” said Khan’s colleague Suchit Majumdar.