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Kolkata: A premiere private neurology hospital in Kolkata had a close shave with a disaster in the wee hours today after a fire broke on its premises.

But thankfully, the fire was doused in time although a room has been gutted completely.

The fire broke out at the Institute of Neurosciences at Mullick Bazar in central Kolkata around 2.50 am today. It is a ground floor ATM counter in the multi-storeyed hospital building where the fire started.

The hospital staff at once jumped into fire-fighting with the extinguishers installed in the building. But the flames went on raging and smoke the first floor, while the in-patient area starts from the second floor of the hospital.

Three fire tenders rushed in one by one in quick succession and due to the timely intervention by the fire-fighters, the flames were snuffed out before they could engulf other parts of the hospital.

The fire has, however, gutted the entire ATM room ~ the ATM machine, air-conditioner, interior, and batteries everything. Fire service officers said that they suspect the fire to have had started from the server room of the ATM located in a back chamber of it.

The hospital has 150 sanctioned beds and preferred by patients for neurological treatment and critical accident injury in the head.