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Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has directed the police to install a plaque on the house at Netaji Nagar in south Kolkata where the owners, a childless elderly couple, were found murdered on Tuesday 30 July.

The plaque will contain the names of the murdered couple so to foil the conspiracy of anyone trying to grab the land, she told reporters at Nabanna today.

The CM has said that the police have been directed to thoroughly probe the murders at Netaji Nagar and the murder of another couple at Narendrapur in southern suburb of Kolkata which also came to light yesterday.

“If a promoter or anyone else thinks that he can grab land by killing childless couple, then he is wrong. Police will take stringent action in such cases,” she said.

Banerjee has asked the local Gram panchayats and civic bodies to keep an eye on the safety and security of such couple who are childless but owns landed property.

Meanwhile, in the Netaji Nagar case police have detained 10 suspects.

Investigators have found out that a portion of the house was recently repaired and repainted and hence, the masons are in the ring of suspicion.

By scanning CCTV footage from an adjacent house, police have in particular spotted a suspicious man and are now trying to identify them. They are by now sure that there was more than one person involved in the crime.

Police sources said that although loot of valuables from the house appears to be the motive behind the crime, role of promoters in the double murder is not ruled out yet.

This is because some promoters had been pestering deceased Dilip Mukherjee to sell off the sprawling house.