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Malda: The Trinamool councillors of English Bazar Municipality have moved a no-confidence motion against the chairman who belongs to their party.

English Bazar Municipality has 29 councillors and 24 belong to the Trinamool. A majority 15 of them have moved the no-confidence motion against chairman Nihar Ranjan Ghosh.

Led by councillor of Ward 22 and former chairman Narendranath Tiwari, they wrote to the Malda district magistrate today 29 August expressing lack of confidence on Ghosh. They have demanded a board meeting for voting on the motion.

The move is significant as English Bazar is part of South Malda Lok Sabha constituency where BJP got more votes than Trinamool in this Lok Sabha polls.

Pointing out this, Tiwari said that chairman Ghosh does not pay heed to the suggestions of the councillors and spends funds at his whims without hold the monthly board meeting.

“Because of the autocratic functioning of the chairman, civic services are getting affected and people are getting alienated from Trinamool,” he said.

Ghosh got elected a councillor in 2015 as an Independent candidate. In 2016, he also got elected an MLA from English Bazar as a CPI-M and Congress backed Independent candidate. He had defeated Krishnendu Narayan Choudhury of the Trinamool.

But in November 2016, Ghosh joined the Trinamool. In January 2017, Trinamool made him the chairman of English Bazar Municipality by removing Choudhury.

Ever since this, Ghosh and Choudhury had been at loggerheads. In fact, the two had got into a scuffle a few months ago.

Political observers believe that councillors belonging to Choudhury’s camp are behind the no-confidence motion against Ghosh.

Asked to comment on the development, Ghosh, who is in Kolkata for the Assembly session said that the party will take a decision on the matter.

“I have heard about this. The councillors could have discussed their grievances with me. Now, the party will take a decision on this and I will abide by the same,” he said.

Trinamool Malda district president Mausam Noor said that the party will try to settle the discord internally and a meeting with all the councillors has been convened tomorrow 30 August.