South City Mall in a file photo.
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Kolkata: Armed miscreants robbed at gunpoint a young couple while they were returning home after watching a night show in a Kolkata multiplex.

The incident took place around 1 am past Thursday midnight near the South City Mall on Prince Anwar Sha Road. The crime scene is barely half-a-km away from Jadavpur police station.

The couple, who are residents of Jadavpur, watched a movie in the night show in the multiplex located inside South City Mall. But the time the show ended, there was no passenger vehicle available outside.

Since Jadavpur is not very far, they decided to go on foot instead of hiring an app cab that will charge a hefty sum. The couple took the by-lane next to the Mall for a shortcut.

As they were walking down the by-lane, three youths suddenly arrived on a motorcycle and waylaid the couple. One of them then pointed a pistol on the woman while the other two started snatching the couple’s mobile phones, wallets, purse, etc.

The partner of the woman tried to put up a resistance but he was hit in the head with the butt of the pistol. Robbing the couple, the gang sped away in the motorcycle.

Taken aback by the suddenness of the heist, the woman was sobbing while trying to stabilise her partner who was bleeding from the head. A homemaker, whose lives in a nearby flat heard the sob and alerted Kolkata Police control room by dialling 100.

Within a few minutes, a police patrol team arrived from Jadavpur police station and on learning about the heist from the couple, alerted all the police patrol points in the city. The distressed couple was taken to the police station and facilitated with medical care.

With the police getting into an alert mode, the motorcycle-borne miscreants fell into the net at Golf Green. One of them escaped only to be nabbed a little later. On frisking them, police found a pistol, a toy snake that appears real, ladies purse, wallet, and mobile phones.

The trio was taken to Jadavpur police station where the robbed couple identified the purse, wallet, and mobile phones as theirs.

Police then started quizzing the trio making them confess that they have been robbing people by either throwing the toy snake on them or trading firearms at them. The gang mostly operated in the night and looked for people passing through isolated areas.

Based on their revelations, police this afternoon arrested two more youths who are part of the gang. The five will be produced in the Alipore court in the city tomorrow.