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Kolkata: A former Trinamool councillor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has been pronounced guilty by court for murdering his party colleague in Kolkata back in 2013. Along with him, six others have been found guilty of the crime.

The Alipore court in the city gave the verdict today after hearing the case for nearly five years. The court found Shambhunath Kau, a former Trinamool councillor from KMC’s ward 58, guilty on four counts for the murder of party worker Adhir Maity.

Maity was murdered for resisting a bid to capture a byre at Mathpukur on the eastern fringes of Kolkata by promoters with backing from Kau. Maity’s family subsequently lodged an FIR against Kau and his accomplices for the murder.

Kau was arrested from Uttar Pradesh where he had fled soon after committing the crime. Following investigation, police filed charge-sheet against 10 accused, including Kau.

The court today held seven of them guilty, acquitted one while, two accused ~ Jyoti Roy and Nikku ~ are still absconding. The quantum of punishment will be announced by the court on 2 April.