Arjun Ranga and Sourav Ganguly unveiling the new variants of Cycle incense sticks in Kolkata on Friday.
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Kolkata: Cycle Pure Agarbathies, the largest selling incense sticks brand in India, is eyeing to double its market share in Bengal over the next two years.

Arjun Ranga, the managing director of the Mysore-headquartered company disclosed the ambitious target today at the launch of two new variants of incense sticks ~ Rhythm Melody and Rhythm Beats ~ in Kolkata. Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly unveiled the new variants.

“India’s incense sticks market is worth Rs 6,000-crore and we enjoy the largest share of this at around 25 per cent. As regards West Bengal, the organised incense sticks market is estimated to be around Rs 150-crore and our share now is 20 per cent. The target is to take this to at least 40 per cent in the next two years,” Ranga said.

The two new variants ~ Rhythm Melody and Rhythm Beats ~ have been crafted keeping in mind the preferences of the people of Bengal, he said.

“Betas offer a fusion of earthy and sandalwood fragrance; melody comes with a floral fragrance. We are extremely enthusiastic that they will greatly help us in meeting our sales target in Bengal. Also, we have roped in Dada Sourav Ganguly as our brand ambassador for eastern India to consolidate our penetration here.”

On this occasion, Cycle Pure Agarbathies announced a scholarship programme to support the education of 50 underprivileged children of dhakis (drum beaters) in Bengal up to class X. The selected children will be given an annual scholarship ranging from Rs 3,000-Rs 10,000 per annum.

Ranga, who also happens to be the vice-president of All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association, allayed the newly induced perception that burning incense sticks causes air pollution at home and is injuries to health.

“This was the finding as regards incense sticks manufactured in China and the survey was conducted by a Chinese tobacco company. But without any sort of validation from independent agencies, our media in India published this news. National Health Service of UK subsequently advised all concerned not to go by this,” Ranga said.

He added that a section of air purifier manufacturers is trying to use this as propaganda to push air purifiers over incense sticks. “We are fighting this as an association. Europe is the largest consumer of Indian agarbathies and one must understand that if there were health hazards involved, they would not have imported from us.”