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By A Newsman

Kolkata, 21 August: A GANG of dacoits have looted two households of all its valuables at Garia’s Tentulberia in southern fringes of Kolkata by holding an 11 month old baby to ransom. The place is located about 200 metres away from Garia railway station.

The incident took place in the wee hours on Friday. The rented household of school teacher Kunal Ghosh and the household of his landlord Amulya Charan Choudhury have been looted of all valuables including gold ornaments and some cash.

The landlord Mr Choudhury, is a retired engineer, and puts up on the first floor of the bi-storied building with his wife and bank employee son. The teacher lives on rent on the ground floor with his wife, son and mother-in-law.

According to Mr Ghosh, around 2.30 am on Friday they woke up abruptly to find three masked men holding knives on their neck. They snatched away the teacher’s 11-month son from his mother Tanushree and asked the couple to handover all valuables.

Scared by the presence of unknown persons, the baby started crying and this made his maternal grandmother to rush in from an adjacent room where she was asleep. The miscreants, who were also equipped with firearms, put a knife on her as well and asked the couple to giveaway all valuables at once.

Frightened by this, the couple handed over the keys to their steel almirah and the miscreants took out all gold ornaments and Rs 30,000 cash from it. They also made the two ladies to give away the jewellery that they were wearing.

“After this, they asked me to show the way to the upstairs where lives my landlord family. As I hesitated, they threatened killing my son whom my mother-in-law was trying to console then. Under duress, I took them upstairs and only then that I saw four more masked men were waiting outside,” Mr Ghosh said.

Five of the seven miscreants then entered into the landlord household and looted all valuables. They also thrashed the elderly retired engineer when he tried to put up a resistance. After the looting spree, the gang left the place in a car that they had kept ready in front of the house.

The robbed house owner called up the Sonarpur police station after day break today. The police have begun a probe into the matter.