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Kolkata: The mess in private life have already robbed the political significance of her father. Far from being a powerful minister and Mayor, he is now a beleaguered political person struggling for significance.

But unable to fathom all these complexities, the teenage daughter of former Kolkata Mayor and Trinamool leader Sovan Chatterjee today turned up in Alipore court and urged her father in teary eyes to bury the hatchet with her mother and return home.

Suhani Chatterjee is a class IX student in a private school in the city. She is the second child to Sovan and wife Ratna Chatterjee who are now engaged in a divorce suit. Their eldest child is a young son.

During a hearing of the divorce suit at today, Ratna took both her son and daughter to the Alipore court. This is because due to the upheaval in their parents’ lives, Suhani has developed some mental ailment and psychiatrists have advised that she should be provided with parental care, especially from her father.

In the courtroom where Suhani met her father after almost a year’s gap, she at once clasped on to him and went on crying asking her father to come back home and stay with them like before.

This on a day when Sovan’s lawyer pleaded for an early divorce for him citing wife Ratna’s alleged extra-marital affair with someone named Abhijit Ganguly.

During the nearly 10-minute conversation between the father and the daughter in the courtroom, Sovan said he would return home only if Ratna amicably agrees to the divorce suit filed by him. He also complained as to why Suhani did not tell him when Ganguly was often visiting their Behala house in his absence.

The teenage daughter, barely 14-years-old, hardly had an answer to something which is too complex for her to understand at this age.

Ratna later told reporters that she wants Sovan to maintain a relationship with their children for the sake of their healthy future even if he does not want to resolve the dispute with her.