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Asansol: It is often than not that railway officials hold meetings and go gaga about ensuring the security of passengers at stations and in trains.

In addition to the state police, central paramilitary troop the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel remain deployed at all major railway stations to pre-empt crime and security concerns. But here’s a case that is enough to puncture the claim on “tight security” arrangements at railway stations!

The dead body of an unidentified middle-aged man lay unattended at Asansol railway station in West Burdwan district for at least for 2-3 days but neither a station staff nor the RPF personnel gave it a damn.

The dead body was lying on platform No 7 near a concrete bench put in place for the passengers. It is such an open arena that hundreds of people availing the platform should have noticed the man lying still on the platform floor.

The RPF personnel, who “remain on vigil round the clock” at the station, however, did not get a wind for almost three days. They got into action today morning only after the strong foul smell from the dead body reached their nostrils.

They sent out a word to the Government Railway Police and an officer subsequently arrived to send the dead body for post-mortem. By then maggots had formed in the dead body. On being asked, the officer claimed that the man must have had died last night and that they were informed by the station authorities only today.

The incident has brought to light the apathy of people towards strangers but at the same time, it has laid bare the level of security patrol at Asansol railway station.