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Kolkata: Dengue continues to devastate one family after another in Bengal! A new mother has now been killed by the deadly fever in a private hospital in Kolkata.

Deceased Priyanka Jaiswal (27) was a resident of Girish Ghosh Road at Belur in Howrah. She gave birth to a baby boy ~ her first child ~ in a private nursing home in Howrah.

Her family was still in celebration mood that Jaiswal was diagnosed with dengue. With her condition deteriorating, she was relocated to the upscale Belle Vue Clinic in central Kolkata on 2 November.

The homemaker’s platelet dropped drastically and vital organs started getting affected despite the efforts by the doctors. Amidst this, her infant boy was also admitted to the private facility on 9 November after he too was diagnosed with dengue.

The baby has recuperated but his mother passed away around midnight on 11 November. The cause of death has been mentioned in the death certificate as dengue hemorrhagic fever and multi-organ failure.

The businessman family has been left devastated by the death of the young woman. They are now worried as to how to look after the 18-day old infant boy of her.