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Kolkata: With the onset of monsoon, dengue has again started raising its head in Bengal. Ironically, this season, the deadly fever has begun with the medical fraternity who are supposed to treat the common people.

As many as four MBBS students of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital have been afflicted by dengue. They include one third-year student and three from the final year who were lodging in the main boy’s hostel of the medical college.

A classmate has identified the dengue afflicted students as Apan Samanta, Souradip Samanta, Kunal Koley, and Tunir Adak. Barring Apan, the remaining three are final year students. On being diagnosed with dengue, the four boys have been sent home for better care and rest.

One of the reasons being cited for the outbreak of dengue in the medical college is extremely unhygienic ambiance and poor waste management that are prevailing on the campus. Last year, as many as 50 students at Calcutta Medical College were afflicted by dengue.